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Bleu Faucet

The only faucet designed exclusively for members of the secure, fast and reliable Bleutrade Exchange

NOTE: Bleu Faucet is owned and operated independently of Bleutrade. Bleutrade owners are not responsible for any winfall you receive.

Instant Deposits!

Winnings are transfered INSTANTLY to your Bleutrade account.

  • No sitting around waiting for a week to recieve your winnings like other faucets.
  • No minimum balances that you hope you reach before the faucet goes backrupt.

25% Referral Bonus!

Refer your friends and receive 25% bonus on everything they win! Just use the link[Your Bleutrade Username].

But wait, there's more

If you decide not to use a referal link the faucet will pay the 25% bonus directly to the new Bleutrade rainbot! You along with other Bleutrade members can receive free coins just for hanging out with your friends.

77 Active Coins!

And that's not even all of the coins available for trading on Bleutrade.

Faucet Balances

Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange

Donations can be made by transfering ANY Bleutrade coin to user bleufaucet on the Transfer Page